[Solved] Screen Overlay Detected

As marshmallow was major update to protect users privacy, and allow them which permissions they want to give to users. these security measures sometimes create complications for standard users and don’t allow them to change permissions. “Screen Overlay Detected” is one those notification which pops up during modification of access permissions.

in this tutorial i will explain how you can fix this popup message.

Screen Overlay Detected

1. Tap on open settings link, as shown in above image.

2. On next screen you will see list of applications, which are set to Yes for “Draw over other apps” , as shown in image below.

Screen Overlay Detected

3. Now you have to tap on each app one by one and disable it, as shown in image below.


Screen Overlay Detected

my suggestion is turn off each app one by one, and check again if it allows you to change permission, this way you can find which app is causing problem and you can leave it set to off forever. it won’t cause any bug.

4. once you have turned off all apps, you will be able to change permissions without screen overlay detected message.
Steps mentioned below are not important but if you want to change permissions as they were before then follow these steps
5. If you want you can turn on these “Draw over other apps” permissions . by going settings>apps then tap on gear icon, as shown in image below

Screen Overlay Detected

6. On next screen you will see option for Draw over other apps , tap on it and change all permission to yes again, as you turned them off earlier.


Screen Overlay Detected

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