[QS Add-On Huawei] Control Your device through teamviewer

did you ever tried to control your Huawei device remotely through teamviewer? if you answer is yes even then you might have failed to do so, as Quick Support add-on for huawei is not available in Google Play store, and other supported file are also rare to find, in this post i will share Huawei compatible Quick support Add-on for huawei,


[QS Add-On Huawei]

These files may work on any other brand smartphones.

1. After download extract zip file and you will get 2 apk files inside a folder
2. Copy both files inside phone memory and install them,
3. Once you have installed both files, you will see quick support icon in your apps, tap on it and your are ready to use it.
You can transfer files easily between your phone and computer easily,

[QS Add-On Huawei]

You can also remotely access device from anywhere

[QS Add-On Huawei]

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  1. Elmer says:

    Team viewer is such an important application software that I commonly use for my work because it is easy to access any device using its remote control features. I think it is now one of the most common tools that some businesses are using.

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