[Solved] Acer Laptop Cannot Change Boot Order (Disable Secure Boot)

All latest models have locked boot order using “secure boot “option which was introduced in UEFI bios, this option is enabled by default, each company have different way to disable it, but in this post i will show you how to disable ” secure boot ” in Acer laptop/desktop.


Acer laptop can not change boot order

1. Switch on laptop, and repeatedly press F2 key, you will enter bios, now move to security tab. and set supervisor password. as shown in image below

Acer laptop can not change boot order

Important: Please note down supervisor password, otherwise you would not be able to make any changes in bios without this password.

2. Once you have saved supervisor password, move to Boot tab and disable secure boot. and save settings by pressing F10 key.


Acer laptop can not change boot order

After that you will be able to change boot order of your PC/Laptop

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