[Solution] Huawei Mate7 Battery Drain Fast After Marshmallow upgrade

like many other users after installing marshmallow beta upgrade on my huawei mate 7 smartphone, battery life decreased was decreased up to 40%. and this thing left frustrated. but some users were reporting on different sites, that they didn’t faced any issue. so i thought if it is a bug in upgrade then it should effect all phones but case is totally different. then i decided rather than downgrade to lollipop, i should find a solution and i will share this solution with you in this post.
in following image you can see my battery statistics after Marshmallow upgrade.


Huawei Mate7 Battery Drain Fast

as in above image you can see, with 52% of batter phone will provide me only 19 hours , while in lollipop battery life was double than this.


Huawei Mate7 Battery Drain Fast

Before i move to solution, i would like to explain the reasons for this fast battery drain. according to my knowledge & experience following are the reasons for fast battery drain in Huawei Mate 7.


  1. Psychological: believe it or not but after we receive any upgrade for our device,  we get curious about the new changes and to explore those new changes/features our phone usage increases and as a result we notice that battery might be draining too fast.
  2. Software & Hardware calibration: it is very important that your hardware & software understand each other and cooperate to provide best performance, normally after major upgrades smartphones take some time to make adjustments with hardware & software compatibility.
  3. Performance: with each upgrade smartphone manufacturers try to increase performance of old smartphones which leads battery to drain faster. and i have seen lots of developments in this upgrade.


Before moving to solution, you can see my current battery performance in following images.

Stop browsing phone just because of curiosity & frustration that i have felt too. and come back to normal usage as you was doing before upgrade.


Huawei Mate7 Battery Drain Fast


Huawei Mate7 Battery Drain Fast

  1. After this upgrade screen brightness has been improved, and screen looks much brighter than before, i felt i can easily use phone by reducing brightness up to 50%. and in my case display was eating most of the battery, so after brightness was reduced to 50% with auto adjustment. i felt battery life increased.
  2. Battery calibration is very important, this is how i calibrated my battery. keep using phone until battery drains fully & phone switch off automatically, now insert charger and let it charged in switched off mode till battery reaches 100% . it is very important you repeat this step every time when you need to charge your phone. follow this process for at least one week. after that you can charge battery by your way.
Trust me after following these simple steps , my battery life came back to same routine as it was in lollipop, and it is improving day by day.

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