[Solved]The Application Google Play Store (process com.android.vending) has stopped unexpectedly

as an android user all of have faced errors in play store , at least once in a life, a friend of mine visited me yesterday with his phone in hand which was showing following error


Play Store (process com.android.vending)

The Google Play Store (process com.android.vending) application has stopped unexpectedly

earlier i have resolved this error on a Samsung galaxy S3 by resetting app preferences. but this method didn’t worked on this phone. (works on android 4.0 & above versions)


Play Store (process com.android.vending)

Other methods i have tried, that you can also try.

  1. Cleared play store & google frame work app data & cache.
  2. Switched off phone, removed battery for one minute & turn on phone again.
  3. Performed a factory reset on this phone but didn’t resolved the issue.
  4. Removed google account and re entered details. didn’t worked
  5. Uninstall play store updates, & manually download play store app V4.4 by clicking following link,

Download Link

Once downloaded either copy in your phone storage/memory card  & install it, or directly download on your phone.
and after that try to open play store app, this method worked for me.
give it a try & problem should be fixed.

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