[Solution] Fast Charging Not Working on My Phone

From beginning battery life remain a big problem for android users , fast charging is one of most awaited feature that is introduced in smartphones by most manufacturers. as this technology has been just introduced and users are not familiar with its usage &  problems that they can face.

a friend of mine faced problem with his new Galaxy Note 5 , that suddenly stopped charging. as i have previously solved iPhone charging issue i was sure that it can also be resolved same way.
If fast charging is not working follow these steps
1. Make sure you are using original charger & cable that came with phone.
2. Check if cable is damaged replace it with new one, from outside it might look ok but inside thin copper wires might have been broken, as these cables are poorly designed. swap with a good cable. (if genuine not available buy best available quality).
3. If you are using back protection cover, remove it and then plug the cable properly, may be cover plastic is not allowing the charger seat properly inside port. push the cable little harder.

Fast Charging Not Working

4. Clean cable points with a wooden stick, preferably tooth pick. might be there is some carbon sticking on copper points that is not allowing circuit to pass through cable.

Fast Charging Not Working

5. Replace the position of charger on wall socket or power extension , whatever you are using to charge the phone.

Fast Charging Not Working

6. Remove cable from both ends charger & phone, then 1st insert it in phone and then insert USB 2.0 type side in charger. and make sure you put little extra power to push the cable inside.
Not: If your battery is more than 70% then it wont fast charge.

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