[LiFi]100 Times faster wireless internet

A french based company Oledcomm has revealed that new LiFi technology will be 100 times faster than normal WiFi technology and soon it will be replaced. you can imagine the speed after it was claimed that 23 DVD’s can be downloaded in just one second. initial tests have shown speed of more than 200 Gbps which is itself a wonder.

image source: tecnofanatico.com

Li-Fi works by making use of the invisible flicker of LED lights, which actually blink on and off thousands of times per second.

Lifi Wireless communication Photo Credit: iphonedigital

other than speed advantage, there is drawback of this technology, because it is based on visible light beams, so you can’t use it in dark even if your hand comes between you will be disconnected , and light can’t pass through walls so only room in which you have this connection you can use.
and there is no chance to use it in sunlight, and it almost makes it invisible.
there are rumors that Apple is showing interest to integrate this technology in upcoming iPhone 7.

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