Huawei Mate 7 Marshmallow update guide

Huawei got fame in past few years and became one of the major producer of smartphones, but they lack at customer services , updates are either slow or sometimes never released. but with the time they are improving and they came up with Marshmallow 6.0 update for Huawei Mate 7.
it is still in its beta phase and was released for some selected users, anyhow this OTA incremental package has been leaked and circulating all over the internet. some inexperienced users tried to install this update without proper information and they have bricked their phone.

Huawei Mate 7 Marshmallow update guide

so the purpose for posting this article is to help people understand , which steps & precautions they need to take before starting Marshmallow update on Huawei Mate 7.

Note: i have installed it and its working without any major problem

Steps to follow

  1. Currently there are 2 versions of Marshmallow firmware available, B511 & B513
  2. B511 is for middle eastern variant of Mate 7 & B513 is for Europe
  3. To check your phone belongs to which region dial this code *#*#2846579#*#*  a menu will appear , tap on network information >Vendor country info (Mine was meafnaf) which is for middle east & Africa/Asia “spcseas” for Malaysia, “unicomelectric/cn” for China, “mts/by” for Belarus.
  4. Currently beta test is going on in 2 regions middle east & Europe. if your phone is not from these regions upgrade may brick your. success rate is less as per my information.
  5. Before you start upgrade process you must have unmodified system partition, phone without root  running stock recovery & stock firmware. if you have previously rooted your phone or made some changes, i suggest you to reflash lollipop stock firmware by downloading from regional sites of huawei.
  6. you must be running lollipop B326 for middle east B511 upgrade. & lollipop B331 for Europe B513 upgrade. if your current firmware is different from these 2, please 1st upgrade/downgrade to these firmware versions.
  7. Those who are running B324/B329 are suggested to do a roll back to Kitkat 4.4 & then upgrade required to lollipop B326/B331 by flashing full packge (not incremental OTA package). and then upgrade to Marshmallow.
  8. For lollipop upgrade you must extract file and copy in dload folder of your sdcard or internal phone storage . (if dload folder is not there create it by yourself)
  9. For Marshmallow upgrade you must copy the whole “” file inside dload folder of sdcard or internal phone storage. it is very important for successful update.
  10. if you are going to use sdcard make sure there is no virus and minimum 8Gb of space.
  11.  Format sdcard before copying update files.
  12. Battery should be minimum 60%
  13. Unplug charger before starting update
  14. don’t touch any button until update is complete & startup screen appears.
  15. Its possible to roll back to lollipop if you don’t like this beta upgrade.

Issues you may face

  1. Battery drain issue, some users reported they are facing swear battery drain, in my case battery usage was little higher than lollipop when screen is on, standby time is almost same.
  2. Apps/games crash because of compatibility issues.
  3. some users faced problem with WiFi & Bluetooth, it stopped working for them.
  4.  High RAM usage.
  5. Phone bricked & stopped working. you can still roll back to lollipop if your phone is not dead.
Remember one thing, these issues only come up when you install wrong firmware, so make sure the update you are installing is for your phone.

in following video you can see my complete marshmallow upgrade process


Note: if you are planning to upgrade or facing any issues after upgrade you can contact me for suggestion & solutions.

Mutahhar Bashir

Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

26 Responses

  1. Danilo Omas says:

    If any body want to update their huawei mate7 phone to marshmallow android 6, should got real software from huawei consumer website. That's safe your phone without destroy and kicked the phone. Actually i just in countered happen to my mate7 on last February 2016, i trying to update marshmallow i got software from carbontisla website then after update my phone was locked they cannot control on anymore for how many months.then this month i search to huawei consumer website and i found software matched to my mate7 then i download and trying to re update i am very lucky my phone ot was success to update marshmallow and they'll work normal…

  2. simple answer is, don't involve in things that you don't understand,
    i have helped many users to restore their phones without any official software,
    all files are safe problem is only some users misunderstand and install wrong files,
    anyways i am happy your phone is back again.

  3. I was using the following B324 on MateGold(meafnaf) and managed to upgrade to Marshmellow without downgrading. Thanks 🙂

  4. yes B514 works for all versions of lollipop

  5. tastyshit says:

    I got an error " can't find update package " …" package not found " after about 10 seconds during system update . Tried again but still the same . I'm updating my phone through the " about phone …update…" page . I tried Kingo root app before but it failed and I know my phone isn't rooted at all .

  6. Need to know few things
    Your phone model?
    Which firmware you have?
    Which firmware you want to install?

  7. tastyshit says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Mr. Muttahar can you helo me
    My phone model is TL10
    I'm running on 5.1.1 B324
    and i want to install marshmallow

  9. You from which country?

  10. Ahmed Khan says:

    Hi, I am from Pakistan. At present my firmware is B128 & I want to upgrade it. Can you help me in selecting the right file?

    • Your model number?
      Dial * #* #2846579# * # * and then tap on project menu then network information and then tap on vendor/operator info.
      Tell me whats written in vendor/country

  11. Levy says:

    good Day, just this sunday i successfully upgraded my huawei ascend mate 7 from kitkat to lollipop, now im planning to upgrade to marshmallow… my question is should i have lollipop before i can proceed to marshmallow? or i can just go directly fro kitkat to marshmallow?

    • You must have lollipop, if you read instructions, its clearly mentioned

      • Levy says:

        Thank you.. will i just upgraded my huawei mate 7 to MARSHMALLOW and is now updating its remaining 300 mb update… i do have a question though since there are some issues and comments regarding marshmallow…
        in terms of battery life they say that it drains quickly,
        also its performance thus it really slow down?

  12. Levy says:

    Okay no problem… I will after work here at the office….

  13. Prakash Wadhwani says:

    Hi !!

    I’m using Mate 7 Gold Edition … 3GB ram …
    Phone’s build number = MT7-TL10V100R001C00B128

    Android Ver: 4.4.2
    EMUI 3.0
    Custom Ver: CUSTC433D128

    Operator & Country Info:
    Operator Name: hw
    Country Name: meafnaf

    I would like to upgrade to Marshmallow if possible …
    If not possible then Lollipop will also do …

    I downloaded the firmware from the Huawei Official SIte … File name is:
    Huawei Mate 7 Gold Firmware%28MT7-TL10%2C Android 5.1.1%2C EMUI 3.1%2C C900B324%2C Malaysia%2C Channel-Others%29

    But this seems to be of Malaysian Region …
    There doesn;t seem to be any Middle East ver …

    I’m confused … Can you please guide & help me?

    Thx 🙂

  14. Ducato says:

    Hi Mutahhar,
    Thanks for all your help with the Mate 7. I’m in the US but running a Malaysian phone I believe(spcseas) which on the official Huawei Malaysian website I was able to upgrade from MT7-L09V100R001C00B148 kitkat to lollipop MT7-L09C900B329. The phone works flawlessly but I would love to safely upgrade to marshmallow. On the website the lollipop I installed was listed as ” HUAWEI Mate 7 Standard Firmware”. There are two updates for marshmallow on this page but not listed as “Standard” but rather South Pacific Channel and Southern regions. I downloaded both, but upon reading the enclosed pdf requirements it would seem that they are not compatible with my lollipop C900B329. Am I missing something? Is it possible to safely upgrade from the C900B329? I realize it’s a bit complicated since the region of the phone is Malaysia but I’m in the U.S. In any case thanks in advance for any help/advice you may be able to give! Ducato

    • You can upgrade without any issues, actually 16gb is called standard edition
      32 gb is premium edition
      You should go for standard.
      Ignore guide inside zip

      • Ducato says:

        Hi Mutahhar,
        Thank you for the quick reply. I think when you mention 16gb vs 32gb you’re referring to the difference between the MT7-L09 and the MT7-L10(gold 32gb phone). On the webpage at the top you are given the choice as to whether the phone is the standard MT7-L09 or the MT7-L10. After clicking standard MT7-L09 and scrolling to the bottom of the page in the downloads section that is where my confusion lies. All of the downloads are for the 16gb MT7-L09. I upgraded to lollipop using the only non-region °standard° download listed on that page and it was successful. There is no “standard° offered for the Marshmallow version only two region variants. My MT7-L09 is spcseas under region which I have found to be Malaysia. Which one of the two downloads listed there for Marshmallow, if any, would not brick my phone? Again, on the lollipop upgrade, I only performed it because it said it was compatible with the exact version of kitkat I had been running. These two list only other versions as being compatible. I am now on MT7-L09C900B329. Again, any and all help appreciated very much.

        • My answer is still same, just go for l09 marshmallow download, forget about “standard” word, otherwise you will remain confused.
          Your phone will not get bricked

          • Ducato says:

            Thanks again for the quick reply. So you are in essence telling me that no matter what region I put into my phone I’ll be just fine? Being in the U.S. with a spcseas(Malaysian) MT-L09 I can upgrade to either Southern Pacific Region, Channel others or South Pacific Channel others? I have no idea which of the two offered marshmallow downloads is the right one, if any. These are my two options for the same download but were released months apart on that webpage. My understanding was that if I put in a region other than what my cellphone is programmed for I can screw up the ability to access 4g lte. Thanks again in advance Mutahhar.

      • Ducato says:

        Hi Mutahhar, no need to reply to previous post. I chose the Southern Pacific region dated October 2016 and am attempting install now. Thanks for your help.

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