Huawei Mate 7 Lollipop 5.1.1 upgrade for Middle East / Africa (Final & Stable)

if you are one of those users who didn’t received OTA upgrade in Middle East  for this giant smartphone mate 7. then i have good news for you, i have successfully upgraded my Huawei Mate 7 phone with lollipop firmware and its smooth and perfect. on some blogs people are telling huawei removed some feature but it is totally wrong, they just changed the way you can activate few things, e.g huawei swype keyboard , it is there but they made google keyboard as default.
as i own Mate 7 Gold (32 GB version) so this guide is strictly for MT7-TL10 version.


Huawei Mate 7 Lollipop 5.1.1 upgrade for Middle East /Africa

  You have to make sure follow these instruction before you start upgrade.

  1. You must be running build number: MT7-TL10V100R001C00BXXX (XXX could be any numbers) mine was MT7-TL10V100R001C00B131


    Huawei Mate 7 Lollipop 5.1.1 upgrade for Middle East /Africa

  2. Memory card with at least 4GB of free space
  3. at least 60% Battery
  4. Backup your important data,
  5. Wipe cache by going in recovery mode
  6. Reset your smart phone to factory setting. (Very important)
  7. Download lollipop 5.1.1 firmware for TL-10 (32GB) MT7-TL10_C900B326 from This link or search it on huawei website.
  8. FOR L09 (16GB): MT7-L09_C900B326 Android 5.1.1 EMU 3.1 Download Link)
  9. Once you downloaded the file, extract it and browse through the folders. copy “dload” folder to memory card.

Huawei Mate 7 Lollipop 5.1.1 upgrade for Middle East /Africa

Go to Settings>Updates>Menu>Local update


Huawei Mate 7 Lollipop 5.1.1 upgrade for Middle East /Africa

and message will popup click on install, and phone should restart. and update process will start.


Huawei Mate 7 Lollipop 5.1.1 upgrade for Middle East /Africa

  1. Note: if you face any problem with battery discharge time, please complete at least 10 recharge cycles. (let the phone turn off while battery finish and recharge fully at once). do this at least 10 times.Don’t touch anything, just sit back & relax , after 1st restart system will start optimization, whole process may take 20-30 minutes.
  2. Once phone boots up in normal mode again go in recovery mode & clear cache. now your phone is ready to use.

So far i am getting 2 days battery backup with 24 hours on WiFi under normal use.


Huawei Mate 7 Lollipop 5.1.1 upgrade for Middle East /Africa

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52 Responses

  1. Juan Fajardo says:

    hola tengo la version MT7-TL10V100R001C00B131 como puedo actualizarlo a LOLLIPOP muchas gracias

  2. YonisN says:

    Mutahhar, in the download link to say we need to download the MT7-TL10_C900B326 but then you wrote: (Requested: MT7-TL09_C900B326 Android 5.1.1 EMU 3.1 Download Link) finally wich ROM we should download? I also have same version than you (MT7-TL10V100R001C00B131).
    Thanks for advice


  3. dear brother
    there are 2 versions of this phone one is TL10 & one is TL09
    as you can see your version is MT7-TL10, you should download MT7-TL10_C900B326

  4. YonisN says:

    Muntahhar, thanks a lot for your prompt reply, I still a little afraid to try, but also excited to see the benefits of newer android version, I was expecting an autoupdate, but so far nothing. I'm very happy with the phone, though is a great terminal. I was a long time owner of Jailbreakable iOS iPhone, but since has take long to get a new JB I decide to migrate to Android, so far I'm Happy.
    Thanks again for your help

  5. Either i am happy to assist you,
    Kindly update me with the upgrade process

  6. hi,

    i'm having MT7-TL10 (3GB/32GB ) version with Android 4.4.2 on Build MT7-TL10V100R001C00B128.

    Can i upgrade to this Lollipop version?

    thanks in advance

  7. thanks for reverting. I just read through the steps and hv a doubt. "Wipe cache by going in recovery mode", how do we do this?

  8. Kashif raza says:

    Thanks bro.

  9. James Nani says:

    hello, do i have to pay to download software for my mate 7?
    however, please give me the link to the appropriate site for the download.

    • No, download is absolutely free
      Dial * #* #2846579#*#* and then tap on project menu then network information and then tap on vendor/operator info.
      Tell me whats written in vendor/country
      Then i can give correct link

  10. Eng Beyaty says:

    hi mutahhar
    thnx for your precious support for hw owners. my phone is mate 7 mt7-tl10v100r001c00b131> idid the test by entering *#*#2846579#*#* as per your instructions above a message shown (operator name:hw, Country Name:meafnaf). do this means somthing different than the upgrading link you posted here and which software is suitable to my phone…thank you

  11. Eng Beyaty says:

    update: i did update my phone to lollipop based on your downloaded software link , once the phone worked normally another update has been shown by the phone on air update for marshmallow and EMUI4 . should i go through this update or I abandon it, i have read some threads stating that it has some problems especially in battery fast drainage and the long charging time taken to battery to full charge. according to your experience, is that true? i will postpone this update and be awaiting your response . thank you

    • You should install it, those who face problems have installed wrong firmware on their devices, if you don’t like marshmallow you can roll back to lollipop.
      Is it showing B560 update?

  12. Eng Beyaty says:

    It shows(MT7-TL10C185B560)……how can I roll back to B326?

    • You have installed latest firmware marshmallow, and it’s build number is B560.
      If you want to go back to lollipop B326 then CLICK HERE

      • Eng Beyaty says:

        Thank you for your quick response. I have tested this update on my MT7-TL10 phone and I found it is stable with a slight improvement in battery long-lasting than kitkat,so far. I will update here if anything changed other than i mentioned here.

  13. Saravanan says:

    Hi, trying to get into recovery mode for wipe cache (as per the instruction), by pressing Volume+/- and Power button. however, it doesnt enter recovery mode. It stays in the Boot screen (huawei ascend powered by Android) for long time and nothing happens. is it must to do this step? can i do a factory reset and proceed? thanks in advance

  14. hi, i coudn’t get in to the recovery mode; it stays in the boot screen (hw ascend powered by android). is it must to wipe cache?

  15. asad abbas says:

    How to updated b128 custom version

  16. moataz amer says:

    Should i wape cash can i update without format

  17. moataz amer says:

    Thx bro. This update will formate my data?…after update have u link for marshmallow

  18. moataz amer says:

    But i will Upgrade first to lollipop
    Then i need link to marshmallow

  19. moataz amer says:

    My model number is tl10v100r001c00b128 and i have firmware MT7-TL10 -c900b324
    Android 5.1.1 is this firmware compatible with my build number

  20. moataz amer says:

    Operator name:hw
    Country name:meafnaf

  21. moataz amer says:

    Thx y very much.

    Have u firmware for Huawei ascend g7 L11

  22. a.o.o .
    A slute to you Mutahhar bro. i am really thankful to you for your live chat help.i have made my phone accurate..May ALLAH bless you always…all the happiness of the world

  23. Hello Mutahhar
    My mobile model is similar to yours just I don’t have SD card just local to where should I copy the dload file?

  24. usman ahmad says:

    Asslam O alikum,
    I have Mat7 TL 10 build MT7-TL10V100R001C00B119SP03. I would be grateful if you could guide me how to upgarde to marshmallow version.

  25. Momen Mamoun says:


    i can’t upgrade my mt7-tl10V100R001C00B131 to lollipopor marshmallow

  26. Momen Mamoun says:

    I will try this thnx

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