[Fixed] USB keyboard & mouse not working on windows startup

Just today we faced problem with our computer which is Dell Optiplex 3020. after a RAM upgrade keyboard & mouse stopped responding as soon computer reached windows logon screen. numlock & mouse led was lit but not responding, i tried below mentioned solutions.

Solutions (Revised on 15/12/2016)

Try each solution and write in comment whichever works

  1. If only keyboard not working at login screen hold SHIFT button for 10 seconds and see if it starts working.
  2. Enter bios under USB configuration and disable usb2 legacy support.  save settings and restart computer. if doesn’t work then revert back to original settings.
  3. Start computer when windows starts booting, unplug it from power socket. do it 2 times and on next screen it will ask you repair windows and next continue to restore to previous dates.
  4. Disconnect keyboard and mouse , boot windows without connecting them, once reached login screen. connect them back if it works.
  5. Remove HDD from your problematic computer and attach with another computer and run CHKDSK on windows partition. once completed. put back HDD and let it boot. hopefully it will fix.
if None of the above methods worked.  but one thing i noticed keyboard & mouse are working perfect in bios setup. so the thing clicked in my mind there is something wrong with the drivers that is why its not responding after windows is loaded.
so what i did,
i made windows live USB using WINtoUSB tool. it creates portable windows drive which can be used to boot from USB on the computer having problem.
once you are inside windows browse to your original windows installation drive


in this folder delete these 3 files:


and restarted the computer, and it worked fine,  this method may work with any computer until unless its hardware (USB,Keyboard) not damaged.
another solution you can try is windows repairing using windows 7 DVD, i read on some blogs it also works for some people.

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  1. Unknown says:

    How to open brows

  2. browse mean open,
    open windows folder

  3. how to open it still my key & mouse is not working ???

  4. connect your hard disk with another pc as external driver
    and delete usb drivers from windows/system32 folder

  5. Shashikumar says:

    Bro after installing usb driver (in mother board DVD) not working mouse , keyboard not working . Lights also not shown …. What’s the prob???? Reply mr

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