[Fixed] How to flash Crony CN-7025 tablet

1st i would like to say thanks to one my reader who reported this issue, that he is unable to flash/format his corny CN-7025 tablet. he tried several methods he seen on internet but none of them worked.
i did some search and found solution for this tablet which i will write down here.


Crony CN-7025

Update: easiest way i found to reset any android phone is through google itself.

 it really works and i successfully formatted one smartphone this way.

to use this method, you must remember which gmail id was used in that phone & off course also password for that account.

  1. Phone/tablet must be connect to internet (WiFi/Data)
  2. visit Googel Device Manager 
  3. login use same account that was used in that phone
  4. and click on erase button, as shown in snapshot below
  5. phone/tablet will be formatted as soon it come online.

How to flash Crony CN-7025

2nd Method

1st of all you need to download the Flash file for your tab,
which you can download from this link:

1. a23-q88-CN-7025-ar-cronyd-20140723.img CN-7025
2. Crony cn-7025+ TJ-Q8-V4.1-20150121.zip CN-7025+

once you have downloaded the file you need a flashing tool to format your tab with this flash file. there are many free tools, i would recommend Live Suite,
You ca download live suite from This Link.
During installation it will ask for driver installation confirmation and a popup dialogue will appear.


How to flash Crony CN-7025

Click on 2nd option, Install this software anyway. and installation should start.
important: if you are running running windows 8/8.1/10 then you might have to disable driver signature enforcement.
you can find complete guide how to do it.

once your driver installation finished , a window will popup with a wizard guide, click on NO.
and then click on select img button.
browse to the path where you saved that download file a23-q88-CN-7025-ar-cronyd-20140723.img

and select it.

Flashing Process

it is very important to follow all steps as described.
1. Make sure TAB is fully charged
2. Switch off TAB completely
3. Press Volume up button, and keep it pressed while you connect TAB with computer using USB cable.
4. start pressing power button repeatedly, 10-15 times while still pressing volume up button.

if you see following icon on screen, that mean you entered into download mode.


How to flash Crony CN-7025

if you don’t see this logo on your screen, then you need to repeat the steps from 2-4.
and if you successfully entered in download mode.
a popup window will appear on your screen.

How to flash Crony CN-7025

Click yes, and format should start,

Important: please don’t touch any button or cable during format, otherwise you may damage your TAB.

Once finished you will see following message.

How to flash Crony CN-7025

You TAB should restart and ready to use


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    I want to install latest Android Lollipop on my corny CN-7025 tablet. How?

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