XML sitemap Link solution for bloggers

Sitemap page works just like map , and very easy to navigate throughout the website.sitemap is actually a simplified list of posts & pages. blog owners can index their blogs/sites in search engines by submitting sitemap URL of blog.

there are 2 types of links used for sitemaps,


this format easy to read by humans supported by blogger & other free hosts.

2. XML

this protocol is specially designed for search engines as its easy for crawlers to read data in XML format. but unfortunately blogger doesn’t support XML links.

after a little search on internet i have found a way to add sitemap link in search engine index.
all you need to do just add atom.XML at the end of your domain.
for example my blog’s sitemap will be:


and it works exactly as any normal XML sitemap link works, and only work with top level domains (e.g .com, .org .net)
see following image as proof to see as i have successfully in Bing & google webmaster indexing tools.

XML sitemap Link solution for bloggers
add blogger sitemap in Bing webmaster tools
XML sitemap Link solution for bloggers
add blogger sitemap in google webmaster tools

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