Worlds First Smart Suitcase Launched

Worlds First Smart Suitcase

Yes you read it correct, Worlds first smart suitcase has been launched. which will be controlled using Bluetooth connection. and will follow you where ever you go.
this carry-on luggage will be equipped with following features.

1. Smart Lock

Smart lock will provide restricted access to your suitcase, soon apple watch will be supported. and owner will be informed on smartphone in case someone try to open it.

2. Distance Alerts

Using this feature suitcase may inform you if you leave it behind . so you will never lose your luggage again.

3. Built-in Scale

just hold the handle and lift the suitcase up and weight will be shown on your smartphone screen.

4. Buil-in Power Bank

this suitcase is equipped with buil-in power bank and phone can be charged up to 6 times. Not only your phone any USB device can be charged.

5. Location Tracking

powered with builtin GPS & 3G technology let you track anywhere in the world. no one will dare to steal it.

6. Auto Clock

just imagine if you forget to lock your suitcase, auto lock feature can be used to auto lock whenever you forget to lock it,

This suitcase can be controlled using app currently available on Apple store & Google Play Store

USA based company bluesmart has launched this smart suitcase which is going to be a milestone in the field of technology. They said this could be very useful for people who are old or sick and can’t handle weight. in initial tests this suitcase works perfectly on a plain surface. in future more development expected .

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