Now you can charge iPhone wirelessly

Now you can charge iPhone wirelessly
Now you can charge iPhone wirelessly

Right after apple announced wireless charging feature in new iPhone 7, Australia based company introduced wireless charging case for old iPhone models. right now this wireless charging cover is available for following models:

  1.  iPhone 5 & 5S
  2. iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
  3. iPhone 6S & 6S Plus
it is not just an ordinary charging case, following features make it a revolutionary gadget:
  1. You can use any micro USB charger that provides 5 volts at 1500 mA . just in case you don’t want to charge you phone wireless.
  2. Protection from dust & shock, military tested (MIL STD 810F) to handle knocks and drops to 4 feet (1.2M)
  3. Charges faster than cable charger
  4. “Qi Compatible” mean you don’t need to take your charger with you you can charge wirelessly where ever “Qi hotspot” available.
All these features make this gadget not less than revolution.

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