Kaspersky working in windows 10

like many other users, after upgrade to windows 10 , i found my kaspersky security was not there, all other apps were working fine, as a normal user i searched all over internet , and i found that 3rd party antiviruses may not work in windows 10, i tried to download latest version from kaspersky.com, but didn’t worked.
but i found one news from Microsoft, if we have active subscription of a 3rd party antivirus, then after installation windows 10 will automatically install the compatible version of that security software,
after few restarts i got notification that kaspersky internet security have a new version click to download, i downloaded and it installed automatically,
after that again asked for a restart and i did,
surprise my security software is working fine in windows 10 , just need to reactivate it using your license code,

here is screenshot as proof

Kaspersky working in windows 10
Kaspersky working in windows 10
as you can see in screenshot its 2016 version which is not available on website site till today, so this is something released with cooperation of Microsoft.
kindly in comments tell me about your experience .

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