Toshiba Satellite C50-A630 &C50-A628 “PSCJGV” Windows 7 Installation

Toshiba Satellite C50-A630 &C50-A628 PSCJGV Windows 7 Installation
Toshiba Satellite C50-A628

Toshiba C50-A series came with locked bios , and there is no cms boot option available,
that means you can’t install any other OS except windows8 /8.1,
later they released bios update in which you can unlock cms boot option & install windows 7.
how you will do that i will show you,

Download Bios V 1.4(Strictly Only For C50-A with Part Number: PSCJGV)

Download Bios V1.3 (Strictly Only For C50-A with Part Number: PSCJGV)

Note: always use Firefox to download files.

if you can’t find bios for your model, request in comment and i will find it for you

1. Extract Bios from zip file
2. Burn ISO on CD (How to Burn ISO?)
3. Boot from CD
4. Once the Bios CD Booted, Type ” Flash ” and hit enter
5. Wait untill it finishes, 5-10 minutes
6. if it doesn’t restart after 20 minutes force shutdown and restart,
7. enter bios, boot option advanced and change to cms boot,
8. Save settings & Boot from win7 or any DVD
9. you are done

if you have already installed windows 8.1 and want to downgrade to windows7
then download this bios file: BIOS FOR WINDOWS 8/8.1
and update the bios then follow steps from 7-9, described above

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