Toshiba Satellite C50-A630 &C50-A628 “PSCJGV” Windows 7 Installation

Toshiba Satellite C50-A630 &C50-A628 PSCJGV Windows 7 Installation
Toshiba Satellite C50-A628

Toshiba C50-A series came with locked bios , and there is no cms boot option available,
that means you can’t install any other OS except windows8 /8.1,
later they released bios update in which you can unlock cms boot option & install windows 7.
how you will do that i will show you,

Download Bios V 1.4(Strictly Only For C50-A with Part Number: PSCJGV)

Download Bios V1.3 (Strictly Only For C50-A with Part Number: PSCJGV)

Note: always use Firefox to download files.

if you can’t find bios for your model, request in comment and i will find it for you

  • Extract Bios from zip file
  • Burn ISO on CD (How to Burn ISO?)
  • Boot from CD
  • Once the Bios CD Booted, Type ” Flash ” and hit enter
  • Wait untill it finishes, 5-10 minutes
  • if it doesn’t restart after 20 minutes force shutdown and restart,
  • enter bios, boot option advanced and change to cms boot,
  • Save settings & Boot from win7 or any DVD
  • you are done

if you have already installed windows 8.1 and want to downgrade to windows7
then download this bios file: BIOS FOR WINDOWS 8/8.1
and update the bios then follow steps from 7-9, described above

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