[Solved] Toshiba Satellite C50-A (P0014_P0015_E0011_P0110) Windows 7 Installation

hi again,
alot of readers sent me emails to ask whether they can apply the bios update files to Toshiba Satellite C50-A (P0014_P0015_E0011_P0110) which i provided in my previous post , my perception is yes you can apply that bios but not sure because i didn’t tried it by myself,
this is an indian model of toshiba, so there is always risk maybe they  internally changed something depending on region ,
so here i will give you explanation how to update your bios in this model.
To Download Drivers Go Here

Toshiba Satellite C50-A P0014_P0015_E0011_P0110 Windows 7 Installation

Bios File Download Link
take a USB flash drive
format in to FAT32 system
Extract bios zip file and copy all the files to USB drive
turn off your laptop, plugin usb and turn on again
keep hitting F12 key to enter boot menu
then chose USB mass storage,
it should boot to “Shell” Mode  ( fs0:Shell)
hit enter
and then type
hit enter
update should start and after update you laptop will turn off remove flash and change the csm boot setting as described in previous post here

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  1. CooLiRC says:

    Hi all successfully flashed my Toshiba C50-A635 model and it worked . but i used the files from acer site and replaced them with the bios files of this model . i used the ACER E1-510 patch file from acer site to create a bootable EFI flash usb drive ( FAT 32 ) then flashed with Flash.nsh file .

  2. ahan, great info, i hopw it will help someone else

  3. David Chanda says:

    CooLiRC you ve saved the day, My Heart was Bursting in disappointment as TOSHIBA wouldn't provide me with a solution. Woow !!! Am a happy man

  4. 🙂 please like my FB page for more solutions in future

  5. gakono says:

    am andrew, cd is booting bt i keep getting a run command error

  6. Ray Red says:

    is this method works on Toshiba satellite C59-A628 PSJGV… please help guys
    and can u upload the bois update file to good server…thanks guys

  7. Hello Mutahhar, i really need your help.i want to downgrade my toshiba C50 A634 Part PSCJGV from win 10 but the system will not recognize the boot from either cd or usb.from the many advise you have given i gather that a bios update will do,may you please help

  8. Download Bios from this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Z5zkx7AGWGVWI2TXZMMUFNMmc/view?usp=sharing

    extract zip file and inside folder open "BIOS_V1.40_WIN.exe" you bios upgrade should start

  9. Thanks very much i have managed to download it now just preparing to deploy it.it has failed though to boot from USB.IAM WONDERING if i should trying updating in windows or make a bootable cd

  10. My dear, i told you to do the same, run inside windows, no need to boot from USB

  11. wow,it just worked,i have upgraded my bios,thanks very much Mutahhar,you are priceless!!

  12. young alinho says:

    Thanks alot. It worked. The bios updates successfully. The problem now is that i cant boot from uefi mode anymore. I can only boot from csm mode. When i boot from uefi mode it says "no bootable devices found"
    Thanks anyway. Am working with the csm mode anyway

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