[Solved] Samsung Galaxy Ace low internal memory

Note: This Method Applies to all Smart phones running android 2.3.6 & lower versions,

i also own Samsung galaxy ace S-5830, and was facing this same issue that is solved by the following method, but 1st i will show you , how much applications i have installed & still internal memory is free, see image below,
Click To See Large View
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as you can see in the images above, 31MB is still free in internal memory, but you will get more than 50MB free with this method.


1. Download you device USB drivers and install them.
2. Download Android developers tools from Google, its free Click Here To Download
3. Chose either 32bit version or 64bit version, as per your operating system
4. Once downloaded, use winrar or winzip to extract files anywhere on your hard drive
5. Then go to the following folder, “adt-bundle-windows-x86adt-bundle-windows-x86sdkplatform-tools”
6. Then Hold Shift button and right click on empty space, and click ” open command window here “
See image below for help
Click On Image For Larger View
it will open Command Prompt with this folder path, minimize it,
see image below
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Then go to you phone’s settings > Applications
Then Scroll Down and you will see development option, press it,
and enable USB debugging Option, see in the image below
now go back to home screen , and attache the phone to your computer,
and open minimized command prompt window and type the following command
” adb shell”
and hit enter, you will see $ or # sign
you will see the following message if you did it right
then type “ pm setInstallLocation 2 ” and hit enter
if you typed correctly, nothing will appear on screen, and if you see any error, that mean you missed something. type this command again correctly, or better copy and paste it there.
then Restart your Phone,
Now you will be able to move all your installed apps to SD CARD and you can free your internal memory to get rid of that annoying message, in future all your apps should directly go to SD CARD,
this command sets primary install location to 2, and 2 is SD CARD.
see images below as proof, i have moved all of my apps to SD CARD.
” Move to phone ” this button will appear as “move to SD card” for you, just press it, and it should move your application to your SD card,
to move application, go to settings>Applications>Downloaded
Note: you can’t move default apps to your SD CARD

Those Who Face Any Problem, Post in Comments, i will try to help you out.

update: i managed to move google play services to SDcard :), i have rooted phone .

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  1. Bill Filbert says:

    Nice! thank you. My old Xp box does not right click for command prompt at location so manually change directory (cd.. a few times until you have just c: as a prompt then cd through the directories). Also no encouraging message after typing "adb shell" but prompt changed as promised. Result– future apps install on the Micro SD and my free memory in the phone 87 M ie nearly half full !. Best solution without rooting. I moved Google play services to SD no trouble

  2. you are welcome, please like my FB page

  3. they said that error: device not found

  4. make sure drivers are installed correctly and usb debugging is on
    and you must not connect as mass storage device

  5. Paul maarti says:

    i have the same problem the drivers are installed correctly and usb debugging is on but one thing how to not connect as mass storage device?

  6. My all apps r in SD card,
    still I'm encountering the same problem..
    What should u do now..??

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. download Du speed booster from playstore, and clean the trash with that application
    other things you can try, delete all your sms,

  9. now i dont own this phone, but in setting there must be USB connectivity setting, tickout mass storage option from there

  10. Mihir says:

    nice.. you're life saver… solution is working fine.. but might be bit difficult for non-IT guys

  11. vishal malik says:

    i tried everything, still getting an error

  12. maybe you missing something, your phone rooted or not ?
    please check it 1st

  13. kuda says:

    the file is an executable not winrar.how do i extract it?

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