Recovery Partition Boot Repair (Winload.exe error solved)

Sometimes boot loader in windows recovery gets corrupted by viruses or some changes in file structure, and when you run the recovery following error shows at boot screen
“Path: windowssystem32winload.exe”
as shown in image below, this problem can be solved in some laptops, personally i tried it in acer & samsung laptops & it was successful, this method was failed on HP laptops, never tried on dell .
Error Screen


  • Download This ISO File
  • and burn it on CD,
  • ISO file is saved inside .zip file, so you have extract the ISO file 1st,
  • and boot computer from your DVD ROM,
  • Recovery Partition must not be formatted, this method olny fixes the boot issue.
Once you booted from the DVD ROM, you will see the following screen,  you will see the all your partitions in this list, usually the recovery partition is ths 1st one, see showing it as “unknown” go to that partition using up/down keys and hit enter.
then you will see the following message, just hit enter
after that it will show the following error, don’t worry about it, just hit enter again,
and here your recovery starts 🙂

this tutorial is posted for educational purpose. and made easy to understand.

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  1. it worked for me. thx guys.

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