How to change HP Deskjet 5010A Scanner Glass

HP Deskjet 5010A
if you accidentally broken glass of your hp deskjet 5010A printer, you can easily replace it with new glass,
just follow the instructions below
1. Lift the glass cover and hold the flat screw driver, and try to push the control panel with it, there are some locks under it holding it with the body, carefully remove those locks, dont apply much force, but slowly increase the pressure, and lock should get out, try this method on all sides of buttons control panel,

2. Once you removed it, see carefully a strip is connecting the control board to the main board, remove that strip. and put the control panel on side

3. there are 2 screws under this cover, holding the top part, remove these screws and 2 more screws on the right side,

4. now you will be able to lift all of that plastic part holding the glass, under this you will see small white plastic piece holding the glass on place, also remove it,

5. now take out the full plastic top and slowly slide the glass to remove it, see in the image below

same way, place new glass and fix all the plastic pieces on place, and your scanner will be working fine again,

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