Easiest Adsense Account Approval

Success with ad-sense depends on 3Ps, yess 3Ps

Basics of ad-sense program
1. 6 month old blog with at least 10 posts & 50 page views daily
2. no copyrighted content
3. at least 3 pages , must include about us & privacy policy page
4. Primary Domain (.com .net .org) do it at the end

1. Plan

Whenever you start a new project the most important thing is plan, whats is your plan regarding ad-sense ?
there are few basic things you need to know about as-sense. ad-sense pays you percentage of their profit as reward for showing their ads on your page, it clears one thing, that you have to work to get paid, better ads batter income.
your plan should start with, what niche you are going to touch, in which industry you are best, don’t follow others blindly. you have to know at what you are best. and start blogging about that specific interest. blogging is all about interest, you must know that you will post your original material on your site, difference always makes significance. 1st thing is your product/interest you are going to blog about.
2nd thing is earning plan,
earning depends on your writing skills, to the point & meaningful writing gives you huge results. longer a visitor stays on your site, more profit you get,


ad-sense is not a rocket science, learn before you do, read their terms & conditions carefully, at beginning you will hardly earn some good money, yes that’s truth, you have to build your business with Google by post best content on your blog. you sell your writing skills. it takes time to be skilled writer. so never lose hope, keep doing your best until you find your desired earnings.

3. Profit

How much earning you expect from Google ? 100$ 500$ per month? it could be more than 1000$ a month. yes this is true, you never know how much you can earn with ad-sense, sometimes a single click may give you 100$. but it takes time, do your best .

Account Approval

now Google dont accept 2nd level domains, like blogspot.com, wordpress.com. buy your own 1st level domain ( .com , .net .org) .com domains have high approval ratio. run your blog at least for 6 months and then buy a domain , you can buy cheap domains from godaddy . after you have successfully attached the domain then apply for Google ad-sense account. and usually within 2 weeks your account gets approved.


always provide 100% real information while registering for ad-sense. specially name,address & country , otherwise you will face problems at withdrawal time. you can only use 3 different ad types on single page, and one links ad, 2 search boxes.

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