[Solved] Toshiba Satellite Pro C640 Shutdown Suddenly

in previous post i guided through how to repair Toshiba Satellite C640 Hinges
in this post i will tell you how to resolve the shutdown problem in Toshiba Satellite Pro C640
the main reason for this problem the ventilator blockage , dust won’t let your fan throw air outside and as result laptop will heat-up and shutdown.

[Solved] Toshiba Satellite Pro C640 Shutdown Suddenly
[Solved] Toshiba Satellite Pro C640 Shutdown Suddenly

apart you laptop
take out the motherboard completely
remove fan and you will see strip of dust blocking the ventilator , clean it with brush ,
and fix the motherboard back,

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  1. I had the same problem like my Toshiba Pro C640 would suddenly shuts down even either being Idled or while using it after 1-2 hours, and I already cleaned up the Heatsink and fan. Before cleaning it up, a lot of dust clogging the ventilation and I thought cleaning it would close the issue. I checked the fan, all is working fine and not even with loud noise. Over Heating issues are gone and laptop is not even as hot as before, however, I am still EXPERIENCING the shutting down problem. What else I can do for this? Maybe I'm gonna try a known good parts.. I am not familiar with Toshiba yet.. Please Help me..

  2. Try to clean/change rams if not work then try replace HDD
    let me know with results

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