How to reset Fujitsu Arrow Wifi Tab

if by mistake you forgot your password on Fujitsu Arrow wifi Tab, and don’t know how to reset the password, actually there is no way to reset the password if you don’t remember the email password of your gmail account.
so the only option left is to reset the tab to factory defaults.
here is how you can reset fujitsu arrows wifi tab
1. turf off your tab by pressing power button on back side
2. Then hold power  +  volume down button simultaneously and keep pressed until you see Fujitsu logo on screen, once Fujtsu logo appears , leave the power button but keep the volume down button pressed.
for help see the image below

How to reset Fujitsu Arrows Wifi Tab
3. now you will see the recovery options on your screen, you have to chose ” Factory Reset/Wipe data” mostly 2nd option, use volume up & down button to move the highlighter and press power button to select the option.
warning: this will remove all your data from the tab
Fujitsu Arrows Tab Reset 2
once you chosen the option to factory reset, next you will see the following screen
Fujitsu Arrows Tab Reset 3
this is basically a warning by the system , that your data will be wiped out, simply chose yes
and after few seconds , your tab should restart
Fujitsu Arrows Tab Reset 3
on this screen chose your desired language , i have chosen English 🙂
and there you go, your tab is ready
Fujitsu Arrows Tab Reset 4

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