How to permanently change right to left typing in MS Word 2007

Today i visited one of our clients office, one of their employ was having strange problem, whenever she opens the MS word, the cursor is always indent to the right side, and she have to manually select left to right writing style every time,
i searched everywhere on internet , but couldn’t find any solution
so i found permanent solution by myself, with this method you can chose both ways writing style , i mean RTL or LTR as default writing style,
here is easy 6 step guide with imagesNote: This solution may be applied in Office 2010 & 2013, not tested by myself but i hope it should work.

1. Normally when you open office, you see styles toolbar on top, make sure you selected the normal style. click on down arrow for more options, as you can see in the image below

2. when you will click on it a new smaller windows will open and then click on “apply styles” button, see in the image below

3. when you will click on this button you will see a small windows, with 2 button, dont change anything here,
just click on “Modify” button, see image below

4. then again a new windows should open to modify the style, in this windows you have to chose either LTR or RTL.after modifying your style make sure you chose “New Document Based On This Template ” at the bottom of this windows. see in the image below.

5. after you click OK button a small windows will appear again click  ” Reapply ” button, and close that small window. see image below

6. after this set this style as default , see in the image below

So now every time you will open MS office your cursor should be at you chosen position.

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