CBS Client initialization failed 100% Solution

while installing language packs in windows 7 , some users face strange problem, the language installation ends with an error , saying something like “CBS Client Initialization failed”
the reason for this error is “windows modules installer” service is disabled or not started
IT professionals can start it by going to services,
but for the people with less knowledge of computers, here is images guide, and it should help you to resolve the problem.
1st of all click start then type run in search bar
click on run and type “services.msc” and hit enter
as shown in image below

CBS Client initialization failed
CBS Client initialization failed 1

then in services find the “windows module installer” and double click on it, new windows should open and service should be stopped click on start, and change from manual to automatic (delayed)

as shown in image below
CBS Client initialization failed 1
CBS Client initialization failed 2
close all windows and now try to install or remove the language pack
Note this solution applies to windows 7/8/8.1 only

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