Difference Between Windows 8.1 & Windows 8.1pro

Windows 8.1
it is similar edition of windows as win7 basic,
supports only 1 CPU socket,
max ram supported is 128GB & VHD boot is not available,
and if you are planning to put a windows 8.1 pc on a network, then wait 8.1 doesn’t support access over network, yes you have to buy windows 8.1 pro,
and there is no bit-locker in windows 8.1 standard version,
you can’t  encrypt your data with this version of windows

Windows 8.1 Pro
with this edition of windows you can enjoy most of the features introduced in this new OS.
it supports 2 CPU sockets
max 512 GB of ram is supported
VHD boot is also available in this edition
support full network access, with domain join & policy implementation  client hyper-v feature is also enabled
u can restrict group users from accessing your files on the same computer
bit-locker adds extra security by encrypting your data
device encryption is also available in this version
picture password is newly introduced feature , available in all editions
computer with windows 8.1 pro can perform as remote desktop host

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  1. Naveed Butt says:

    I've installed windows 8.1 on my laptop after buying license from: http://cheaproduct.com
    I want to activate it to get free upgrade from windows 7 professional to windows 10 home.
    I'm now confused, How to activate and upgrade to windows 10.
    Please mention within details.

  2. poor effort,
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