162-System Options Not Set (100% Solution)

Many HP Compaq Desktop Computers Face this issue randomly, after major change in hardware hdd, processor etc.
and the solution is
1. turn off computer 
2. take out power cord
3. replace ram from white slots to black slots,
This solution only applies to desktop pc’s

Mutahhar Bashir

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  1. Thanks Mutahhar, this worked perfectly for me.


  3. you are welcome, please like my fb page

  4. I have this problem again.

  5. Hi, i have this problem with 4x 2gb .. And i don't know how to fix this….

  6. i doubt one of your ram is dead, and you have to replace it.
    you can figure it out by this way,
    take out all rams,and add to black slot each ram one by one.and switch on PC,if PC switch on with each RAM, then 1st add 2 rams in black slots and start the PC, shutdown & add remaining 2 rams in white slots,
    hope it will resolve your issue.

  7. HAPPY DLOVE says:

    i have this problem again

  8. amit says:

    Thanks dear

  9. EDGAR says:

    Thank you! this solution works for me!

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