Why Windows 8 is Best?

Since the windows launched , many sites posted reviews that windows8 going to flop , they tried to copy the mac, and the metro UI is useless,
since it has been just launched, it needs time to understand what they created and what you can do with that,
1st i start with the most criticized Metro UI,
Metro UI is the latest form of old start menu, yes, totally customizable start menu, just press windows sign button on your computer and see what open up

well if you want to access it from desktop , just take your cursor to down left corner and click, what you see is start menu, so the people who were saying start menu is removed, they didn’t actually understand what they are using

why i said customizable, u can place programs of your own choice, and remove the apps you dont want to see on metro UI, (its easy and already posted about how to pin/unpin)

2nd thing that was kept in mind when developing metro UI , is bringing the smartphone and PC users under same program, this way the communication will be more easy & efficient.
you dont need to install different suites to recognize you smartphone with windows OS, as they would be already windows optimized,

You might have heard some people talking about , that they would stick to windows7 /xp , what ever they using,But i want to ask them, why people buy cars when they can travel on bicycle?

Technology moves in forward direction, not in backward direction,


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