[Solved]Firefox Problem in Windows 8

All those people facing problem with internet browsers in windows 8
Follow These Steps

1. Remove your Problem Browser from PC
2. Remove Any Antivirus or Security Program Installed
3. Restart You Computer
4. Install Your Browser(Chrome/Firefox)
5. Install You Security Program or Antivirus ( What ever using) if problem solved then ok if no then next step

6. if problem still exist or you didn’t installed the security program and your Browser Keep crashing, then its Display Adopter Problem, yes Windows 8 Uses Smart Screen Feature and it won’t let any program run without screening,
7. in this case update your Display Drivers or Remove and install the Drivers Again

i hope this should help

Mutahhar Bashir

Passionate blogger, have excellent problem solving skills, quick learner, love to accomplish difficult tasks, improving my skills while helping others through this blog.

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