[Solved] HP Deskjet 4500 G510 Installation Problem

If you are facing problem installing HP Deskjet 4500 Driver and Software

1st Trick U May Try, is when setup shows error of missing files, simply hold (Shift+Ctrl) Keys and Click on Cancel button, setup should continue 🙂

if not then follow

Well you have to Install a fresh copy of windows7 or XP (Unplug device before installing Windows)Once Operating system is installed ,

1. Insert CD or Downloaded Setup Files From Interenet
2. Run Setup
3. Let it Complete, until it asks you to plugin the device,
4. plug the USB cable of printer (Keep Printer Turned On)
and let the setup install all drivers, dont Touch anything,
Thats All
Plz Dont Install Any Antivirus or Anyother Driver/Software before installing HP Software. if u follow my steps all .dll errors will stop, 100% guarantee 

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